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Shape the future with BEC Arabia, where innovation and excellence converge. Our forward-thinking organization pioneers cutting-edge technologies and construction methods. Join our team for exciting projects that challenge norms and offer personal growth. We value collaboration, diversity, and continuous training to support your professional journey. Whether you're an experienced professional or a recent graduate, BEC Arabia provides a platform for success. With a supportive work culture and ample career paths, we invest in your development. Together, let's create a sustainable future where innovation thrives. Your future begins here at BEC Arabia.

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Project Manager

Join BEC Arabia as a Project Manager and take on the responsibility of organizing and managing construction projects from inception to completion. Collaborate with subcontractors, manage budgets, monitor supplies, and ensure compliance with permits and regulations. As a hands-on leader, handle technical and administrative tasks to ensure the success of our projects.

QAQC - Project Manager

Advance in your career by supervising our Quality Assurance/Quality Control system at BEC Arabia as a QAQC - Project Manager. Attend meetings, keep an eye on developments, go over plans, make sure teams are informed, perform inspections, and record work. Attend to rejections, oversee non-critical reviews, and uphold quality standards. Keep an eye on payments and create testing protocols. Your contribution is essential to ensuring the calibre of our projects.

Civil Construction Manager

Discover a rewarding career opportunity with us as a Civil Construction Manager. In this essential role, you will be responsible for coordinating and planning projects from inception to completion. Your duties will include preparing budgets and cost estimates, creating schedules, addressing issues and delays, collaborating with engineers and architects, communicating progress to clients, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations and codes.

Technical - Mechanical Engineer

Explore exciting opportunities as a Technical - Mechanical Engineer at BEC Arabia to design, develop, and test mechanical devices using SolidWorks. Optimize HVAC components for efficiency, cost, and manufacturability. Ensure compliance with specifications, apply engineering principles, and collaborate with other engineers. Manage drawings and material submittals according to project standards.

Technical - Electrical Engineer

BEC Arabia is hiring a talented Technical - Electrical Engineer to play a vital role in designing electrical engineering and shop drawings for projects. Provide technical support, prepare shop drawings and as-built drawings, and ensure compliance with specifications, codes, and customer requirements through coordination of various activities.

Technical Project Engineer

BEC Arabia is looking for a talented Technical Project Engineer to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for all technical office activities including quantity surveying, shop drawing, submittals, payments, reports, coordination, dealing with authorities & municipalities, and following up on the schedule.

Accommodation Supervisor

Take your career with an exciting opportunity as an Accommodation Supervisor, responsible for the administrative work related to maintenance and colleague welfare within the accommodation. Duties include updating the accommodation plan and rooms inventory, reporting incidents promptly to the Human Resources Department, addressing colleague welfare and concerns regarding rooms and privacy, as well as providing airport transportation for colleagues.

Logistics Coordinator

Transform your career trajectory at BEC Arabia as a Logistics Coordinator, responsible for working in transportation or warehousing of goods. Your role will involve processing orders and overseeing the cycle of order fulfillment. You will be responsible for ensuring supplies, stock, materials, packages, and/or products are efficiently and safely processed through the delivery and/or warehouse system.

Workshop Manager

Forge a path of success with us as a Workshop Manager, responsible for planning, leading, organizing, and supervising the day-to-day activities of the Workshop Section. You will have full responsibility for leading the operations and sustainability of the Maintenance Team, including personal management, workshop and warehouse management, spare parts management and replenishment, and material handling.

Document Controller

Break through barriers and achieve greatness as a Document Controller at BEC Arabia, responsible for the timely, accurate, and efficient preparation and management of documents. You will control the numbering, sorting, filing, storing, and retrieval of both electronic and hard copy documents generated by technical teams, projects, or departments.

Procurement QC Supervisor

BEC Arabia is seeking a dedicated candidate to join us as a procurement QC supervisor to manage procurement activities, ensure contract compliance, and foster strong supplier relationships. By optimizing operations, contributing to organizational objectives and managing efficient supply chain.

HSE-Project Manager

Enhance your professional path with an exciting opportunity at BEC Arabia, as HSE Project Manager. In this role, you will assume a pivotal position, leading and overseeing all aspects of health, safety, and environmental initiatives within our projects. If you have a demonstrated history of effectively managing HSE programs and possess strong project management skills, you're the ideal candidate for this role.


Elevate your career with an exciting opportunity at BEC Arabia as a draftsman. You'll create accurate technical drawings using CAD software, ensuring compliance with regulations, and collaborating with architects, engineers, and the project team. Your attention to detail and problem-solving skills will contribute to successful project implementation.

Contracts Administrator

Join BEC Arabia as a committed team member. As contracts administrator, you will be responsible for managing contract documents, ensuring compliance with subcontractor agreements, conducting contract reviews, and handling correspondence related to contracts. Additionally, you may be required to negotiate contractual disputes with vendors and clients.

BIM Manager

Explore exciting opportunities as a BIM Manager, where you will find yourself at the forefront of the dynamic world of digital construction. In this role, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of implementing cutting-edge procedures and leveraging state-of-the-art technologies throughout the entire life-cycle of projects, from the initial design stages to construction and final handover.