BIM Manager


  •  Bachelor's Degree in Architecture Engineering or an equivalent field.
  •  Minimum of 12 years of relevant experience.
  •  Excellent command of spoken and written English.
  •  Proficiency in MS Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.
  •  Advanced knowledge of AutoCAD/REVIT, Primavera, and ARCHICAD.
  •  Experience working on high-value projects.
  •  Extensive knowledge of quality and document management processes.
  •  Possession of leadership skills to lead individuals or teams.



  • Implementing all procedures related to BIM and Digital Construction throughout the design, construction, and handover phases of a project.
  • Ensuring accurate designs that are easier to build and less expensive to operate.
  • Conducting macro and micro 4D simulations (combining 3D models with time) for live projects and tenders to assist project planners.
  • Performing model quantity take-offs to support quantity surveyors, estimators, and planners.
  • Creating 3D logistics plans for access and egress routes on construction sites.
  • Developing detailed 3D concept imagery of Temporary Works ideas to aid engineers in progressing their designs.
  • Creating visual Method Statements to highlight potential risks, prove construction sequences, and brief site operatives.
  • Processing point cloud information to assist and validate construction sequences and extract precise dimensions.
  • Creating Employers Information Requirements (EIRs) documents that specify the client's preferred systems, processes, and required outputs from the supply chain.
  • Developing BIM Execution Plans (BEPs) in response to the EIRs, which explain how the supplier intends to meet the client's information requirements.
  • Monitoring supply chain performance and implementing appropriate training and upskilling measures to ensure effective information delivery.
  • Setting up and maintaining the Common Data Environment (CDE), including aligning workflows with the project's BIM protocols.