Working Together
for a Safer Tomorrow

Health and Safety Management System

At BEC Arabia we prioritize the wellbeing of our employees, and everyone involved in our operations including the environment in which we operate. Effective safety management is at the core of our business practices and our moral obligation as a responsible company. We understand that accidents and incidents can have long lasting impacts and therefore remain fully committed to ensure that all our operations are conducted with the highest safety practices.

By implementing robust health, safety and environmental policies and procedures across every aspect of operations we minimize any potential risks and hazards that may arise on our worksites. Our Health & Safety Management System is accredited to and complies with the local legislation and requirements of the international standard of ISO 45001, 14001 and 9001 certificates.

Health and Safety Management System


Health & Safety Philosophy

Health and Safety Environment

Safety always comes first.

We believe that all accidents are preventable, and our management holds the responsibility for demonstrating safety leadership, providing a secure work environment, and promoting safety as a core value. Our Health & Safety mandate adheres to the below:

  • A centralized Health & Safety Department which focuses on reducing risks and promotes a healthy workplace.
  • Reporting and sharing near-miss accidents to continually improve safety standards.
  • Understanding and recognizing that safety behaviours foster better understanding of our policies and practices.
  • Continuous training and supervision at work through health & safety management software and advance technologies.
  • Identify and fulfil gaps in Health & Safety Management system through certified tools and processes.
  • Improved supply chain management and involvement of safety standards as inbuilt feature at all functional levels.
  • Effective communication to ensure a safe workplace and environment.
  • Promote work force involvement, feedback, and integrity.

Building a Safe Culture: Zero
Accidents Priority

Top Management

Zero accident requires 100% commitment to safety

Managing Heads

Zero tolerance for accidents

Work Managers

Maintain zero accidents by working in a mindfully safe environment

Workers, Suppliers & Contractors

Understand and abide by zero accident policy

H&S Department

Enforcing and communicating zero accidents policy to employees, contractors & visitors

Health & Safety

Setting the Highest Standards of Safety

Health and Safety Initiatives

Because safety is already a part of our daily requirement, an incentive program is put in place to reward behaviours that exceed expectations. The goal set encourages employees to work while joining forces, building stronger bonds to surpass safety protocols.

In a nutshell, we have established rigorous safety standards and implemented a great incentive program. By collaborating and exceeding expectations, we have built stronger relationships and fostered a more secure work environment.

Health and Safety Initiatives

Prioritizing Reporting and Empowering Employees

Safety Hazards and Accidents Reporting

It is crucial to prioritize reporting of safety hazards and accidents in the workplace. Our management recognizes and rewards employees who report safety hazards and accidents. The rewards are structured in a way that encourages reporting while still aiming to reduce the number of incidents.

This approach incentivizes employees to prioritize safety while not penalizing them for reporting incidents or hazards. It creates a culture of reporting and encourages employees to be proactive in identifying potential hazards and reporting them promptly. By making reporting a priority, we work towards creating a safer workplace for everyone.

Safety Hazards and Accidents Reporting